Readers, I am in the thick of semester and, of course, the rest of my commitments I work to keep as I’m thrown extra juggling balls. Life becomes more and more exciting, but with no more time given than we had yesterday; where can we fit it all? Anyway, times become stressful, but I’d rather be busy than completely complacent.

Today’s poem was inspired by a close friend of mine. Her story is one of strength and courage. After all she’s been through, she remains one the of happiest people I know. We’d often meet to talk about anything and everything over coffee, and I always left feeling inspired. Even in a situation like hers, she could somehow find it in herself to give to others, like myself. She listened, she offered, she cared when she probably needed more than she could give, but she did. It’s those hour long talks that inspires me to be happy no matter what state my life is in.

Thanks for reading!

She thought she had escaped it,
The life that brought her down,
Coming to reality,
Meeting with a frown.
She speaks of deep desires,
Of dreams so far away,
Yet her eyes reveal the inner thoughts,
“It'll never be that way.”
And she whispers to herself a song
In hopes of finding faith,
But I believe that she forgot
She lent it all away.