Hello, World!

I’m so excited to join this community in which people all over, through the power of the web, can record and publish their interests for others to share; in other words, I’m happy to join the blogging community!

Some believed her dull,
If right I do recall,
They said that she was hard to please,
Unmoved by pleasure’s thrall.
Yet I realize now, as I look back,
They hadn't really sought,
For the things that made her smile
Were much smaller than they thought

Like a glimmering star,
Its flash of light beyond the moon,
The first smile of a newborn child,
A sky glittering of pink hues,
The tremble of a mounding tear,
The ripple of a hearty laugh,
The sun on breezy afternoons,
Sweet memories of summers past.

She'd learnt treasures far, possessions great,
Dull the sparkle of each common day,
For only the spoiled fail to see the sun
When the other stars have passed away.